Current Information

To all CB Residents– As of the April Village Board Meeting, the following new dates apply to our residents:

Water & Sewer invoices due: 16th of each calendar month.

Water disconnects will be on: 27th of each calendar month.     Thank you.


Village Hall Hours - Monday thru Friday 8:00 - 12:00 p.m. & 12:30 - 4:30 p.m.


Keno Dollars - As of 11/1/2018, the Village of CB has made a total of $12,464.10 from Big Red Keno. Currently some of this money has been spent on CB park improvements, check it out!


Cedar Bluffs Auditorium Rental

The Village of Cedar Bluffs rents their auditorium for a fee of $225.00 per event. The auditorium has a suggested capacity of 480 people on the gym floor and also includes handicapped restrooms and a kitchen.  A damage and key deposit of $125.00 is required when reserving the date.  Please call the Cedar Bluffs Public Schools 402-628-2080 for more details.  Thanks.


Snow, Debris, and the Like on Street Prohibited.  It shall be unlawful to place, push or deposit snow, sleet, ice, or mud or any debris, including leaves, grass and branches from private property onto the streets of the Village.  Per Village Ordinance, General Regulations Chapter 92, Section 92.60.


Harvest Grain Truck Parking -Per the September Board meeting, the following was approved:  There will be grain truck parking only on the east side of South Park Street from the corner of Park & Pine to the highway and on the south side of East Pine Street east of the elevator.  This temporary parking will be from September 20th – November 20th, 2018.  Farmers Coop will supply and place the 5 signs where maintenance places the stakes.  Thanks for understanding.


Splash Pad Closing– Our popular Splash Pad is closed for the season.  It will re-open in the warm months of 2019.  Please note that CB’s Splash Pad season will run according to the nice weather and not the Memorial and Labor Day Holidays.  We are already looking forward to next season!


Maple Grove Cemetery– Can you help?  Maple Grove Cemetery would greatly appreciate any donations or memorials designated to the cemetery to provide help in covering costs of maintenance.  Any donation is sincerely appreciated and can be dropped off at Commercial State Bank in CB. Thank you. The Maple Grove Cemetery Board.


Emergency Snow Routes - Please remove your vehicle from any Snow Emergency Route.  Your vehicle must be removed promptly from these routes so all snow can be removed from the streets, this includes the school area.  Please note that any vehicle not removed, will be towed at the owners expense.  Not further notice from the Village will be given.