Current Information

To all CB Residents– As of the April Village Board Meeting, the following new dates apply to our residents:

Water & Sewer invoices due: 16th of each calendar month.

Water disconnects will be on: 27th of each calendar month.     Thank you.



August 14, 2018

7:00 PM

STATEMENT BY CHAIRMAN:       Statement informing the public that the poster regarding the Open Meetings Act is posted on

the north wall of the board meeting room.

ROLL CALL:  Roll call is taken by the signature of the Trustees on the receipt of notice sheet.


Chief of Police      2. Utilities Superintendent      3.  Clerk/Treasurer      4.  Zoning Administrator     5. Emergency Mgmt


AUDIENCES: Zoning Regulations on Empty Lots - R. Benke, S. Hansen, T. Coffey, M. Stricklen



Note: All items noted with an asterisk are automatically approved when the consent of agenda is approved unless removed

by a Trustee.





Outstanding Pavement Assessments – Village Board

JPA Park Updates – Village Board

Dead Tree Ordinance - Village Board


LARM Renewal Summary, Proposed Resolution 2018-03 - Village Board

Budget Workshop & Discussion - K. Speicher and Village Board

Gil Frey Resignation - Village Board

Kennel Fee - Trustee Jensen

Part-Time Help as Needed - M. Baker

Johnson Services, Sewer Cleaning - M. Baker




The deadline for accepting additions to this agenda is Friday August 10, 2018, at 4:30 pm with the exception of

approval by the board chairperson up to 24 hours prior to the meeting.


Keno Dollars - As of 8/1/2018, the Village of CB has made a total of $10,265.96 from Big Red Keno. Currently some of this money has been spent on CB park improvements, check it out!


Park Shelter Reservation - Is now available.  Please call the Village Hall in CB @ 402-628-3115 to rent the large picnic shelter for your next outdoor activity.  $13.00 fee for either time frame/partial day of 11:00 - 4:00 p.m. or 4:30 - 9:30 p.m.  A $25.00 fee for an all day reservation.  Reservation notices will be posted at the large picnic shelter and on the website. The 2 small picnic shelters are always available to the public and will not be rented out.  Thank you.


Resolution 2017-12 – The Village of CB has a Resolution that any outstanding W&S balance of $5.00 or more at the end of a billing cycle will result in water shut-off.  So, if you owe $4.99 or less, this balance will be carried over to the next month.  Once again, if you owe $5.00 or more, this will result in water shut-off.  Please take this into consideration when paying your monthly bill.  It is your responsibility to know/read your invoice.  Thanks for understanding.


Cedar Bluffs Auditorium Rental

The Village of Cedar Bluffs rents their auditorium for a fee of $225.00 per event. The auditorium has a suggested capacity of 480 people on the gym floor and also includes handicapped restrooms and a kitchen.  A damage and key deposit of $125.00 is required when reserving the date.  Please call the Cedar Bluffs Public Schools 402-628-2080 for more details.  Thanks.