Current Information



The Village of Cedar Bluffs Water Department will be conducting its annual maintenance chlorination of the Village water system in the 3rd week of November via state recommendations.  This is not mandatory, but we feel it helps to keep our system safe throughout the year.  The chlorination will last 10 to 15 days.

If you or someone you know are on any type of dialysis or have tropical fish, reptiles, or small animals you should make provisions to use non-chlorinated water.  For drinking purposes we recommend filling a pitcher with water and placing it in your refrigerator overnight as the chlorine taste will dissipate out. 

Even though we do not chlorinate regularly we would also like to recommend you treat your fish or pet water as if it is.  Broken water mains or tower maintenance may be a reason to spot chlorinate without public notice.  Please contact your neighbors and friends that are on the Cedar Bluffs water system.

If you have any questions, call Gil Frey @ 402-443-9332 or Matt Baker @ 402-250-7907.  Thank you.


Keno is here!– The Den Saloon and Todd’s Tavern & Café now have Keno available.  A percentage of the proceeds from the Keno games go to Cedar Bluffs for improvements within the Village.  Currently the Village has made approximately $1562.00 in Keno dollars.


Resolution 2017-12 – The Village of CB has a Resolution that any outstanding W&S balance of $5.00 or more at the end of a billing cycle will result in water shut-off.  So, if you owe $4.99 or less, this balance will be carried over to the next month.  Once again, if you owe $5.00 or more, this will result in water shut-off.  Please take this into consideration when paying your monthly bill.  It is your responsibility to know/read your invoice.  Thanks for understanding.


Emergency Snow Routes– Please remove your vehicle from any Snow Emergency Route.  Your vehicle must be removed promptly from these routes so all snow can be removed from the streets, this includes the school area.  Please note that any vehicle not removed, will be towed at the owners expenseNo further notice from the Village will be given.


Rec Keys & Dog/Cat Tags – Will be available at the first of the year for 2018. Pet tags will cost $6.00 per critter.  Please bring your up-to-date rabies papers with you.  The rec keys cost $15.00 per key.  If you bring in last years’ key from 2017, then there is a deduction of $5.00 for a total cost of $10.00.  Thank you.


ATV License– Annual license tags will be available for a cost of $25.00 a year.  Per amended ordinance 2007-01, a permanent license tag may be purchased for a fee on $100.00.  This permanent fee will not be transferable. Stop by the office for inspection and purchase of registration.  Thanks.


Cedar Bluffs Senior Center– We have replaced the 4 large front windows and the 4 smaller windows at the Diner. The framing and window treatments have also been replaced. The CB Senior Diner is still asking for any donation, large or small to help pay for this new update.  Please send your donation to the address listed below and thank you for supporting our community!! 

Cedar Bluffs Friendly Neighbors

P.O. Box 126

Cedar Bluffs, NE. 68015      

Thank you


Zoning InformationAnyone doing any digging for any reason including construction, concrete work, planting trees, fences etc. must call Diggers Hotline at 1-800-331-5666 two (2) working days before digging starts to have utilities marked.  After utilities are marked and you have not starting digging after 5 days, you must call and have utilities remarked.  Failure to do so can result in paying for damages and possible fines.  Scott Kirchmann, CB Zoning Administrator.


Weather Alert from Utility Maintenance

In case of a weather emergency, it is important for any resident to know where their water shutoff is inside their home.  Please take time to check this out before any emergency happens.  Any questions, please call Gil Frey at: 402-443-9332


Cedar Bluffs Auditorium Rental

The Village of Cedar Bluffs rents their auditorium for a fee of $225.00 per event. The auditorium has a suggested capacity of 480 people on the gym floor and also includes handicapped restrooms and a kitchen.  A damage and key deposit of $125.00 is required when reserving the date.  Please call the Cedar Bluffs Public Schools 402-628-2080 for more details.  Thanks.